Apply For A Job

Before you apply for a job at ORIGINAL, do a checklist of yourself (be honest and remember that cheating never pays of): Are you a creative spirit, regardless of the department you wish to work in? Passionate about what you do? Have good working habits? Sure?

Only if so, please send us a maximum one page only letter, your CV and portfolio (format PDF, movie, ppt…) of maximum size 3MB.

A maximum one page letter should include:
Why and in which department you want to work at ORIGINAL, what can you uniquely contribute to it that others can’t, what inspires you in life, what kind of advertising you like and why, and name three most memorable events of your life. Yes, we would like to get to know you! Sometimes the little things make the difference – the way how you see the world and describe it.

We can only reply to those who follow the above stated guidelines.
Thank you.

Size limit for each file is 3.00 MB