There is no ORIGINAL any longer … at the old address, that is. We have moved to Jarška cesta 10B. All our other contacts remain the same. Welcome to our new creative premises!


Won a pitch for a corporate campaign for one of the largest investment companies, Triglav Funds. It was a tough one and we are more than happy to start rolling up our sleeves and digging into the project!


One of our clients, Radenska – top quality natural mineral waters, celebrates its 180th anniversary. Congratulations! We shall definitely pop a sparkling natural mineral water and propose a toast in their honor.


This post is written with mouth still full of delicious dishes. Today we celebrated the launch of the new book we designed for Sister Nikolina, the famous cook, who continues the tradition of nuns who share their cooking secrets with larger audiences. The publisher expects this book of recipes to be an indispensable part of each home. Many journalists and friends welcomed the launch of the book on today’s event.


Got a new client, Botanik, wonderful herbalists! Can’t wait to help them create a brand out of their 100 % natural and healing herbs. The team is already tasting all the delicious teas and the office smells like a herbal shop! If you come around, you might be treated with a cup of freshly brewed herbal tea …


Abanka Vipa, one of the largest national banks, became our new client after winning the pitch. We used to cooperate many years ago and we are we are really looking forward to renewing the cooperation! The campaign will be for a very special kind of VISA debit card.


Winning a new project – design and art direction of the latest book “Wine” by famous Anselm Grün, Benedictine monk, author of approximately 300 books, which have been sold in more than 15 million copies across the world, translated in 30 languages.

Perpetuum Jazzile for Radenska

What do you get if you bring together the most popular Slovenian musicians, PERPETUUM JAZZILE (over 20 million hits on Youtube!), sold-out concerts around the globe, the legendary RADENSKA mineral water brand and a great idea? A simply wonderful film! Coming soon! Watch some unforgettable footage from the shoot and stay tuned to see the real thing!

A new client won

RADENSKA, the home of the legendary natural mineral water, is our newest client. We are delighted and proud to have won such a tough and competitive pitch. Our unique selling point were our fresh ideas.

ELAN & ORIGINAL organized a competition

We have organised a seminar and competition for the Faculty of Management's students. They presented and created some interesting ideas on how to promote the brand new Elan 210 sail boat using interactive media. The award ceremony took place on 26 March. There were two winning teams. Congratulations!

Turned 5 today!

Original might still be a young agency, but it is experienced. Our clients' trust in us is a constant source of delight. And we really believe in the way we work. The business results we have helped our clients achieve speak for themselves. Together we can achieve a great deal more over the next 5 to 50 years. Cheers!

Original creatives save lives

Who’s says creatives can’t save lives? Today we donated blood. Primož Hribar from MM Kreativ magazin was the idea man of this fantastic event. We are happy to be part of this bloody campaign!

Creative pitch won for FREEDERM

We are really happy today! We just received a phone call saying that we have been unanimously selected as the winner of a very tough international creative pitch (markets: Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, the Middle East and North Africa) for FREEDERM anti-dandruff shampoos, a Schering-Plough company. Hooray!

Sorry, SOF!

This year we submitted only this idea on slovenian advertising festival (SOF) and on all others too, since we decided to dedicated the budget for the competition to the victims of devastating HAITI earthquake.

New business in the house!

We have won the creative pitch for Linex & Linex Forte, an OTC medicine for digestion problems, by Lek – a Sandoz Company. No time to write more: there's so much to do!

Winning a new client

The largest bank in Slovenia has and one of the largest in the region become our latest client. We are very happy and satisfied to have won such a tough and competitive international pitch for the integrated communication of credits. The campaign will run in 7 countries. Our unique selling point was fresh ideas. Bravo, Original team!

Original wins Merkur Group pitch

We have just been informed that we have won the Merkur Group's international pitch. At the end of December, we accepted the invitation to participate in a creative pitch for a corporate campaign, including film and all other supportive media for the Merkur Group, bringing together three prestigious international brands: Merkur, Big Bang and Meersteel.

2 golds, 1 silver, 1 shortlist

The 18th Slovenian Advertising Festival has just finished.

Golds: for a series of outdoor posters and print ads, client: ZARES, a political party.;
Silver: campaign, client: ZARES, a political party;
Shortlist: outdoor, client: Perro cat food / Uniportas

EFFIE 2009 / Golden Effie in da house!

Good news for the agency's successful work on its campaign for Lekadol plus C, an OTC brand for flu and colds (client: Lek – a Sandoz company) – the results speak for themselves: a 79% increase in sales over two years, the brand being unique in the sector in gaining market share over the same period; what's more, today the brand is top of mind.