Because you never know when

Through the campaign we reminded people of the importance of a good car insurance by pointing at the total unexpectedness of car accidents. As one cannot plan them, it is best to have the car safely insured at all times. All the materials in the communication explore the creative use of classical media: they attract viewers’ attention at an instant. Basically we damaged the car on the photo / screen / web by damaging the media itself (and showing that accidents can occur at anytime to anyone). Headline of the campaign: BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN

This was a extremely successful campaign. Even from a creative perspective when we used some fresh ideas in the media. We are happy that the best and biggest insurance company in Slovenia believes in us and trusts in our work. The results achieved (e.g. brand recognition, brand awareness, and sales) have been out of this world.

Client: Triglav Insurance Company,, Product: Car Insurance, Project: integrated campaign, Production house: Arkadena Film, Director: Henrik Kindgren