Lekadol plus C

Integrated advertising campaign (TVCs, citylight poster, radio ads, press and magazine ads, web banner ...) Market: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia. Can a brand medicine against flu and cold become popular? Yes, indeed, by creating a very popular campaign. The headline, conveying the added value of the medicine Lekadol Plus C, was performed through singing and dancing in 2 TV films: “Nice to your stomach, nice to the heart, having a lot of vitamin C”, the lyrics rhyming in Slovenian (“Prijazen do želodca, prijazen do srca, vitamina C veliko ima”) - and becoming the all-family favorite film in the commercial breaks. Children learned the song by heart and danced at homes in front of TV sets, acting as actors in the commercials... Sales (+78 %) and brand recognition (nr. 1) have risen, the brand establishing its position stronger than ever.

Client: Lek a Sandoz Comapany, www.lek.si, Product / Service: Lakadol plus C, Project: Integrated campaign, Market: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Production house: Arkadena film, Director. Henrik Kindgren