MAKOTOKAI International martial arts seminar

As each year for the last past years we have created the visual identity for the international martial arts seminar MAKOTOKAI. The T-shirts sold like hot cakes! Even some of Original’s team are skilled martial arts instructors at Makotokai, so ... be nice to them.

Client: Makotokai international association,, Product / service: Martial arts, Project: Visual identity, posters, banners, T-shirts


One of the leading investment companies Triglav Funds celebrated its 20th anniversary and wished for a memorable corporate campaign. In its core investment companies help you realize your dreams, whatever they might be, right? Therefore we wished to convey a message unless action is taken to fulfill them, the dreams remain merely– dreams. A deeply emotional message: “Do not let your goals remain just a dream. Hurry up so that life does not get too far ahead.” reached out to the hearts of all people.

Client: Triglav Skladi,, Product / service: corporate campaign, Project: TV, print, web, gifts

Water in the shape of a cube

Spring Water Radenska Still is available in a new packaging, handy for offices, boats, camping, picnics, outdoor activities, or home. It has a wonderful pouring system that preserves the water pure and fresh for longer periods. We created the packaging design, two short teasing films, an informative video, print ads, poster and leaflet.

Client: Radenska,, Product / service: natural still mineral water Radenska Still in box, Project: packaging design, print ads, posters, leaflet, 3 films

Teasing film 1

Teasing film 2

Informative video

Architectural biro Moderna with a new website

If you’re working for one of the best architectural biros and light labs in the region, it is not difficult to create a good website. Just give the works enough room to breathe …

Client: Moderna,, Product / service: corporate, Product: website


A wonderful team of herbalists came to us, looking for an agency which could create something unique for their 100 % natural products. They had some intact land, a several pairs of hard working hands, and above all a lot of priceless knowledge about herbalism. We created all the rest a brand requires: brand identity, visual identity, packaging design, web page. Their added value lies in the knowledge that was passed onto them through generations and in the rich intact soil in one of the greenest parts of Slovenia, with no industry far around.

Client: Botanik,, Product / service: 100 % natural herbal products: teas, ointments, tinctures, soaps, oils, Project: brand identity, visual identity, packaging design, web page


One of the best personal trainers contacted us, wishing for a brand name and visual identity. We created a dynamic logo, based on his name (T for Tomaž), as he is always personally involved in the progress of each of his clients.

Client: Tomaž Pivec, NCSF certified personal trainer, Product / service: personal trainer, Project: brand name and visual identity

Pop a sparkling natural mineral water for its 180th birthday!

Did you know that only very few sparkling mineral waters contain natural CO2? Simply because they do not have it or do not have it enough. Radenska Classic has it in abundance and it is a true queen among top quality sparkling natural mineral waters. It celebrated 180th birthday of the discovery of the wondrous spring. We created a campaign, touched by a retro flavor, paying a tribute to this nationally most renowned and accepted natural sparkling mineral water which generations grew on and that has been during its rich history a witness to more events than anyone could imagine.

Client: Radenska,, Product / service: 180th anniversary of sparkling natural mineral water Radenska Classic, Project: TV, RA, print, outdoor, web, POS, packaging (6-pack, labels), gifts