Visual identity for D Center

D Center, formerly known as DKC, is one of the top dental, surgical and aesthetic centers not only in Slovenia but even across borders. They needed a complete renovation of their identity, starting with the name. We created the entire project in a course of a few weeks, making it ready for launch just in time for Christmas.

Client: D Center, Product / service: dental – surgical - aesthetic center, Project: name, brand, visual identity, print materials, signage system

Anselm Grün

We designed and took the photos for the book “Wine” for Anselm Grün, Benedictine monk, author of approximately 300 books, which have been sold in more than 15 million copies across the world, translated in 30 languages. A beautiful project that took us deep into the mysteries of winemaking and its rich history.

Client: Založba Družina,, Project / service: Book “Wine”, Anselm Grun, Product: book design, art direction, photo

The cooking nun

Sister Nikolina is a famous nun who continues the tradition of nuns sharing their cooking mastery with larger audiences. We designed and art directed the book of her 600 delicious recipes. The design team was hungry all the time, feasting on the beautiful photos and luring contents.

Client: Založba Družina,, Product / service: Book of 600 recipes of Sister Nikolina, Project: book design and art direction, Photography: Janez Pukšič

Divide your purchases with VISA

The new campaign for Abanka, one of the largest national banks, promotes a new VISA debit card, which enables its owners to pay for their purchases in instalments, with no interest. The creative solution shows different purchases, cut in parts, saying: “This is how I see my purchases.”

Client: Abanka Vipa,, Product / service: VISA, Project: TV, print, posters

Parlez-vous Français

The campaign was aimed towards youngsters to choose French as their second foreign language at school. The films show funny situations, when you miss a lifetime opportunity due to not understanding a foreign language.

Client: Ministry of education, science and sport & French Cultural Institute Charles Nodier, Product / service: French language, Project: 2 films, postcards

The Best 2 Seconds Of your Life

Smart phone app: The best 2 sec of your life / An international (world-wide) mobile campaign

Buckling up in the car is essential to road safety. More than anyone can imagine. When one learns the impact force, suddenly even a relatively slow speed is put into a different perspective. To appeal to young audiences we’ve created an app, which addresses them through a teasing slogan: The best two seconds of your life. (It actually takes no more to buckle up.) The app features an impact force calculator and more. See it for yourself.

Client: ROSYPE and Michelin,, supported by local initiative Association Safe Road,, Project: Road safety, Market: Android app world-wide market

It’s never too hot for Ice Tea!

A summer sequel to the winter campaign for Ice Tea. One things is for sure – it’s cold, even when it’s hot outside.

Client: Radenska,, Product / service: Ice Tea, Project: print, outdoor