The most viewed Slovenian TV commercial

In June we reached more than 430.000 views on Youtube with Radenska's TV film featuring famous Perpetuum Jazzile. Congrats to all and a toast with a glass of sparkling ... water!

Client: Radenska,, Product: Natural mineral waters (Classic & Naturelle)

Ekoprlekija Natural is better

We have created a poster campaign NATURAL IS BETTER for Ekoprlekija.

Client: Ekoprlekija, Photographers: Vanessa Tivadar, Vid Voršič

Refresh yourselves with ORA

Apparently we are so hot at the moment that we attract all the cool brands in need of refreshment. We created a print campaign for Ora, refreshing non-alcoholic beverage aerated with natural carbon dioxide. Message of the campaign: if you find yourself in these terribly hot days away from sea or some natural resource of refreshment, don’t worry – get one from your local store in the shape of the bottle ORA. It is prepared on the basis of Radenska natural mineral water and spring water. From renowned company Radenska, synonym for high quality water-based drinks.

Client: Radenska,, Product / service: ORA soft drink, Project: print, outdoor

Juna – exclusive for women

A renowned gynaecologist opened her private practise and launched her own brand after years of work and medical research at the the main medical center in Slovenia: University Medical Center Ljubljana. She uses latest laser technology for treatments and her methods are non-invasive. Therefore we created something tender, soft and feminine to represent the new brand.

Client: Juna / dr. Sabina Senčar, Product / service: gynaecologist, Project: brand identity, visual identity, print materials

Intersurgical – the world’s leading medical company

Put its fairs in our hands. A completely custom-made design for fair exhibitions was created, following all the rules of presenting high-end medical equipment, framing them in a light, bright, transparent, attractive and simple design, topping it with state-of-the-art laser cut, hand-applied 3D logo. The fair is distinguished not only for its design, but also for its perfection in execution (choice of materials, colors completely matching visual brand identity, focus on details). What else. Since only the best is good enough for innovative first-class medical products. We invited studio for architecture Demsar Arhitekti, to help us realize our ideas.

Client: Intersurgical,, Solution: fair design, graphics and construction

Ekoprlekija – a new brand

Uniting eco farmers and producers from region Prlekija. One of the most delicious projects we have ever worked on, literally. We created a brand from scratch: starting with the name Ekoprlekija, entire visual identity, print materials (brochures, leaflets), posters and web page. If you are looking for some seriously good, eco for real (not some mumbo jumbo quasi “eco” thing) products, search no longer – come, visit and taste. We can’t really decide in the agency whether the pumpkin seed oil (specialty from this region of Slovenia), apple juice which smells like apple perfume or a vast range of flower from different cereals and grain are our favorite. Well, not to mention the excellent meat products and ...

The project is supported by the EU, LAS Prelekija and 11 local municipalities.

New six pack design for Radenska’s premium brands

Naturally sparkling mineral water RADENSKA CLASSIC, naturally sparkling water with less CO2 RADENSKA LIGHT and still mineral water RADENSKA NATURELLE present themselves in brand new six packs of 1,5 L bottles. It is all about freshness, splashes and drops of water.

Client: Radenska,, Products: Radenska Naturally mineral waters (Classic, Naturell, Light)