Trtnik & Trtnik Insurance Broker Company

For an international broker company Trtnik&Trtnik we created a corporate brochure. Our aim was to create a print material that would upgrade the contents on the visual level and differentiate it from others in insurance segment. As you know, such presentations are usually very strict and uptight, since the contents are very serious. But, with relaxing the layout we can bring the contents closer to people, not doing any harm to the seriousness of the content. Judge for yourself.

Client: Trtnik&Trtnik Insurance Broker Company, Project: Corporate communication, brochure

Regional communication for the largest bank

Our agency was invited by NLB, the largest national bank, to conceive and produce their entire New Year’s communication and set of gifts, ranging from VIP ones to give-aways.

Theme: Linking  & connecting (bank to people, people to people, services to people ...)
Strategy: To soften and add a human touch to a large, sometimes misperceived as impersonal bank
Solution: Hand-made illustration of a chain of people joining hands in union, applied on the gifts and e-card film
Gifts: Top class wine, hand-made chocolate bar, digital photo album, thermos, keyring (girl & boy), business card holder, pen

Client: NLB d.d.,, Project: Corporate New Year’s communication

How to say Happy New Year if you are a wine-brand?

With a bunch of glasses, we thought, and created this greeting card. Yes, it looks a bit stained indeed, but never mind, no one will notice it in these festive times ...

Client: Verus wines, Project: New Year’s greeting card, poster, print ad

It is never too icy for Radenska Ice Tea!

It’s always cool to drink Ice Tea from Radenska. Even when it’s freezing cold outside. The campaign accompanied the new look of Ice Tea’s labels and it was accepted with positive surprise from the customers during their frenzy Christmas shopping.

Client: Radenska,, Product / service: Ice Tea, Project: print, outdoor

Ice Tea from Radenska with new labels

The leading company for mineral waters and related refreshment drinks presents its line of products Ice Tea with new labels. In designing them, we introduced an entirely new family of colors and shades in the segment of ice tea’s, thus distinguishing Radenska’s Ice Tea entirely from the competition. White pearly paper and transparent fresh colors associate ice and convey a promise of true refreshment. Ice Tea is made from plant extracts, but based on Radenska natural mineral water. Radenska iced teas do not contain artificial sweeteners and preservatives.

Client: Radenska,, Product / service: Ice Tea, Project: packaging design, labels

The first TV ad you can see without watching!

PERPETUUM JAZZILE, one of the world's best a cappella choirs, and one of the most viewed on Youtube, presents RADENSKA – the power of water. All the sounds produced were recorded live at the commercial shoot. No special effects were used, and all the sounds produced were man-made.

Client: Radenska,, Sounds Authors: Sašo Vrabič & Perpetuum Jazzile, Director: Henrik Kindgren, DoP: Matej Križnik, Production House: Perfo